Besides my parents, who undoubtedly influenced me the most in my childhood,
and these successful people who inspire and motivate me now: 
Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Serhant, Casey Neistat
(who don't know anything about their spiel yet, click on their names and get inspired as well) 

these people shaped me personally on my journey through life:
  • LinkedIn Robert Mitro
Ing. Robert Mitro
Construction Project
at SYNER s.r.o.
     After graduating from college, I was struggling with finding a job which would suit me. At the first difficult situation or greater criticism, I felt aggrieved and began to look for another job. It lasted for several years, I didn't move anywhere. Only from company to company, but without any career advancement. Then I got a job in the Czech construction company SYNER, where I worked under the tough site manager Robert Mitro, who of course expected results. As a person without any practical experience as a site manager, I made a lot of mistakes. I was not used to hard work on the construction site in every weather, so I was often criticized for what I did wrong, or could do better, and thoughts of giving up came to me again... I remember the day I used the lunch break to walk around the Vltava river overwhelmed with thoughts of what to do next. And then something struck me. I don't know if it was beautiful sunny weather, or fresh air, or the first real separation from home, or just an accumulated feeling of inferiority. Maybe just a combination of everything together. But that day, at that moment, I said to myself that I will not give up anymore. That's when I humbly realized that college didn't automatically make me a world champion. That wasn't as much of a dude as I thought I was until then. That I really didn't know anything about life yet and I needed to start work really, really hard if I wanted to become one of the best and that the result wouldn't come right away. I said to myself, "Richard, you have successfully avoided compulsory military service, which has, after all, taught the boys discipline and many good things. Take this hard job as your school of hardening." I think it was Robert who brought me to this realization. 
     When I returned from that break to the construction site, I set an extreme pace. I started listening really carefully to what Robert was telling me. I stopped working for money. From that day I started working for experience and knowledge. And from that day on, I really enjoyed working. I stopped looking at my watch. All I wanted was to finish the construction on time and within budget, learn how to deal with people, how to deal with the investor, how to solve problems, etc. Since then, my life has taken the right direction. And on this path, I adhere to my five core values: humility, patience, persistence, positive thinking, and kindness. Robert patiently taught me this wonderful profession with determination to make me the most advanced construction manager. And besides that, he willingly or unintentionally awakened these values in me.
  • LinkedIn Milan Murcko
Milan Murcko, MSc, MBA
CEO of  YIT Slovakia a.s.
      Milan, with his endless empathy and great observation skills, helped me to discover the next direction of my life. He helped me to see my true north. When he became my direct line manager, our relationship gradually moved to the level of friendship. Our conversations (or weekend walking meetings) about leadership, life, and dreams, together with the books he lent me, helped me gain the courage to step out of my comfort zone again and follow my dreams.
     His life story is proof that if you really want something in life, you can achieve it no matter where you come from. All you need is the determination to do it and hard work. Milan comes from a small village in eastern Slovakia. When he was a boy, his teacher laughed at him when he told her about his dream of becoming CEO of an international company. It would be interesting to see the look on her face today.
       I, like Milan, come from eastern Slovakia from a family that never had an abundance of property. But I always believed that I can do exceptional things. After Milan's mentoring, I am convinced of that.
  • LinkedIn Branislav Hrivnak
Branislav Hrivňák
Junior Associate at JTRE London
     One of my former bosses often reminded me that I’m too young and that young people usually don't have respect. I felt almost like being young is a disadvantage.
      I hired Branislav as an intern in 2020. He is 11 years younger than me and I probably learned from him much more than he did from me. I'm not talking about knowledge from the construction industry, but rather I'm talking about something much more valuable to me. About how to approach life situations, how to find motivation again, how not to give up on your dreams. He reminded me of what I always wanted to achieve, but in my comfortable work life, I started to forget about it. 

     And all of that just by his actions not by his words. Like he didn’t tell me like "listen to me Richard, I think you should do this and that". Hah. NO. I just watched his behavior and his actions, and let them inspire me. This is probably not teachable by words. At least not for me. Like Gary Vaynerchuk says: "Don’t listen to what I’m saying, watch what I’m doing." And I watched and I was very consciously absorbing all of it. He is not afraid of speaking to strangers, he is brave and has a lot of energy in his actions. He studies successful people and the journey behind their successHe showed me a lot of very good podcasts and YouTube channels. He helped me to improve my English by speaking with me even when both of us are Slovaks and our colleagues told us we look ridiculous when we do soHe helped me or better said he inspired me to really stop eating junk food. 

     He helped me to realize that my work is truly interesting. I remember his first day on the construction site. How amazed and excited he was and wanted to take photos of everything he saw. I see these things on a daily basis and they don't seem that interesting to me anymore. Thanks to him I can see myself in a better light. Before I met him I thought that I am a pretty ordinary and uninteresting guy. But after a couple of months with him, I see that everyone is in some way extraordinary. No matter what age he/she is. 

Why am I telling you this?


     I wanted to show you that you should be conscious and pay really close attention to new people which are coming into your life. You never know when you can get new inspiring friends. Don't let them just go pass by. New friends can see things from a different angle. And that can make something finally click in your head.

I found this friend in my work. Branislav came to a job interview for an internship to me and I chose him. I chose him like I chose many colleagues before. But this time I listened more carefully and this friendship came into being much earlier than I've ever experienced before.

     And by telling you this story I wanted to show and prove that there is nothing like being too young or too old for anything! He helped me to find passion in my work again. That’s proof that you can inspire people no matter your age or experience.

     Don’t let anxiety or pressure come into your life. You have enough time. You really do. I feel at least as young as Brano and I know that it WILL last! Life doesn’t end when you reach your 30s, 40s, 60s… You can start working on yourself, you can start the new era at any age. Everything is in your head. You only have to believe.



PODCASTS, VLOGS, BOOKS (which has impacted me the most)
Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 18.18.24.png
The School of Greatness
▶︎1090 The Law of Attraction, Creating Wealth & Manifesting Abundance w/Bob Proctor 

This episode's guest Bob Proctor is the founder of the Proctor Gallagher Institute and is known for pioneering breakthrough work in the area of our conscious and unconscious minds. His insights, inspiration, systems, and strategies have transformed countless lives by motivating people to create career transformations, find inner awakenings, and attract abundant lives.

Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 18.18.45.png
Aubrey Marcus Podcast
▶︎ AMP #257 Prioritize What You Love with Jerzy Gregorek

Powerlifting poet Jerzy Gregorek is a legend, and boasts one of the biggest podcasts ever with Tim Ferriss. Jerzy is a man who can only be described as a true master. He has dedicated his life to applying micro-progression and the compounding beauty of time to the arts of Olympic weightlifting, poetry, and coaching. In this podcast he discuss how to approach strength development, weight loss, and how to align your priorities with your actions.

The GaryVee Audio Experience
▶︎ My 50 Rules For Success

Massive mashup, almost 2 straight hours of total fire detailing a ton of the pillars of Gary's main content & more, with @Teamgaryvee breaking up the voiceovers.

These videos can always kick me when I feel stuck. 
My 3 favorite books. Click on the cover to see what are they about:

                         book: HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE (COMMUNICATION)

_________ author: LEIL LOWNDES   link >> 

                         book: GOOD TO GREAT (LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS)

_________ author: JIM COLLINS   link >> 

                         book: RICH DAD POOR DAD (FINANCIAL LITERACY)

_________ author: ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI   link >> 


_________ author: TONY HSIEH   link >> 

                         book: THIS IS LEAN (LEAN & PRODUCTIVITY)

_________ author: NIKLAS MODIG & PÄR ÅHLSTRÖM link >> 


_________ author: GARY VAYNERCHUK   link >> 

                         book: THE POWER OF HABIT (PSYCHOLOGY)

_________ author: CHARLES DUHIGG link >> 

                         book: CRUSHING IT! (MARKETING, BUSINESS)

_________ author: GARY VAYNERCHUK   link >> 

                         book: VALUE STREAM MAPPING (LEAN)

_________ author: KAREN MARTIN & MIKE OSTERLING  link >> 

                         book: CRUSH IT! (LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS, MARKETING)

_________ author: GARY VAYNERCHUK   link >> 

                         book: INSTAGRAM (MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA)

_________ author: FAIZ ALY  link >> 


_________ author: SALIM ISMAIL   link >> 

                         book: NO RULES RULES (LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS)

_________ author: REED HASTINGS & ERIN MEYER   link >> 

                         book: LAST PLANNER FOR CONSTRUCTION MANAG. (LEAN)

_________ author: ANSSI KOSKENVESA & TARJA MÄKI  link >> 

                         book: BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY (BUSINESS BUILDING)

_________ author: W. CHAN KIM | RENÉE MAUBORGNE  link >> 

                         book: THE SELL (SALES SKILLS)

_________ author: FREDRIK EKLUND   link >> 

                         book: TRUE NORTH (LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT)

_________ author: BILL GEORGE with PETER SIMS   link >> 

                         book: THE LEAN BUILDER (LEAN CONSTRUCTION)

_________ author: JOE DONARUMO & KEYAN ZANDY  link >> 

                         book: THINK AND GROW RICH (SELF-AWARENESS)

_________ author: NAPOLEON HILL   link >> 

                         book: TED TALKS (PUBLIC SPEAKING)

_________ author: CHRIS ANDERSON   link >> 

                         book: 7 STRATEGIES FOR WEALTH & HAPPINESS (SELF-AWARENESS)

_________ author: JIM ROHN   link >> 

                         book: JAB, JAB, JAB, RIGHT HOOK (MARKETING)

_________ author: GARY VAYNERCHUK  link >> 

                         book: THE TIPPING POINT (LEADERSHIP, MARKETING)

_________ author: MALCOLM GLADWELL   link >> 

                         book: PUBLIC SPEAKING (COMMUNICATION)

_________ author: JACK CHESTERFIELD  link >> 


_________ author: JOHN TAURANAC   link >> 


_________ author: PAUL MCGEE  link >> 

                         book: START WITH WHY (LEADERSHIP, MARKETING, BUSINESS)

_________ author: SIMON SINEK   link >> 


_________ author: ADAM GRANT link >> 

                         book: THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON (FINANCIAL LITERACY)

_________ author: GEORGE S. CLASON   link >> 

                         book: BETTER AND FASTER (BUSINESS, INNOVATION)

_________ author: JEREMY GUTSCHE link >> 

                         book: SELL IT LIKE SERHANT (SALES SKILLS)

_________ author: RYAN SERHANT   link >> 

                         book: SMARTER FASTER BETTER (BUSINESS, INNOVATION)

_________ author: CHARLES DUHIGG link >> 

                         book: GUIDE TO INVESTING (FINANCIAL LITERACY)

_________ author: ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI   link >> 


_________ author: KEITH FERRAZZI link >> 

                         book: CASHFLOW QUADRANT (FINANCIAL LITERACY)

_________ author: ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI   link >> 


_________ author: OLIVIA FOX CABANE link >>